My name is Jennifer (“Jenni”) Denny and I am excited and honored to announce my candidacy for Wilson School Board.  I am running for School Board because I believe my deep community ties, diversity of experience, and commitment to serving others will enable me to make a positive impact on the school community.  If elected my priority will always be “Working for Wilson.” 


School boards have become highly politicized environments, influenced by outside agendas, and diverting our focus from helping children achieve their full academic and personal potential.  I’m 100% invested in helping Wilson succeed because my children go to Wilson. I went to Wilson. My children’s friends go to Wilson. My neighbors’ and friends’ children go or went to Wilson. My dad still lives in Wilson and pays taxes to Wilson. Every decision I would make could potentially have a direct impact on the people I care about the most.  That is why my priorities will always be local, always be Working for Wilson.